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Our Community Agreements

Bloomington Cohousing Current Community Agreement Summaries


The summaries below represent the initial community agreements developed by the Bloomington Cohousing community to reflect our values. Due to our neighborhood’s unique design, we have developed these agreements to ensure all residents are comfortable. As part of our system of dynamic governance, all agreements are and will be re-visited on a regular basis (typically annually) to ensure that the agreements remain equitable and accessible and address the current needs of the community. For further information on the full community agreement documents (including rationale), please contact the community at or check the agreements section of our website at




Smoking is not permitted in indoor common property or outdoor common property, including but not limited to the common lawn, picnic shelter, and parking lots. Smoking is permitted on personal property as long as no other residents are adversely affected.


PARKING AGREEMENT (Preliminary - will go into effect once 20 households are occupied): 


All households (except those with garages) are guaranteed one parking spot in the community parking lots. For the current evaluation term, parking spots are unassigned. 




Private backyard fencing under 5 feet is allowed on private property. Fence construction materials must match neighborhood aesthetics (natural wood with mesh wire panels). 




All pets must be leashed at all times, show appropriate (non-aggressive or non-damaging behavior), and be spayed/neutered. Residents are not allowed to keep pets over 50 pounds or pit bulls/pit bull mixes. Residents are not allowed to keep more than three dogs and/or cats. There are a maximum of five outdoor cats allowed in the community (we currently have three outdoor cats). 


Residents or potential residents may apply for an exemption to these pet limits for well-behaved, non-threatening pets who do not meet the above criteria. These pets must be unanimously accepted by a committee.




Long-term rentals of a full house or accessory dwelling unit (ADU) are allowed. Some short-term rentals will also be allowed with certain restrictions. Please contact the community for full details.

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