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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers


What is the anticipated HOA fee?

We plan to set the HOA fee at $150/month, with adjustments to be made down the road by the homeowners association, as annual costs solidify.

How much will the houses cost?

We hope that the starting price point is around $400,000. From there, pricing will depend on size and finishes.

What is the timeline for the project?

We built the first round of homes in 2019 and anticipate the entire project to be completed in 2022-2023.

How do I reserve a lot?

What is the process if I want to change the interior design of a house model?

You just need to let us know. You would then work with our architectural team to customize the home to fit your needs. This would be charged on an hourly or fixed fee basis, depending on the scope of the design changes.

Can I add a basement to the house?


What if I want a certain house model on a specific lot?

The site plan found here shows which homes fit on which lots. It varies, depending on the footprint of the home and the footprint of the lot.

How many people are in the community?

We will have 26 homes in the neighborhood.

How big is the property?

A little over 3.5 acres

Will there be any commercial properties built on the site?

No. The only extras built on the property are the common house, the cabin, and picnic, and bike shelters. These will all be owned by the HOA.

What is PUD?

This is a Planned Unit Development. Wikipedia does better a better job at explaining this than we can.

Do we pay individual property tax?

The homes are owned privately by each homeowner and will be taxed like any other private home.

Can we have solar panels?

Yes! In fact, all homes will be prewired and ready for solar.

What is the size of the common gardening area?

Roughly 7,000sf

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