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History of Bloomington Cohousing

The seed of Bloomington Cohousing began with Marion Sinclair, a Bloomington resident who had been dreaming of creating a cohousing community in Bloomington since the 1990s. To make her dream a reality, Marion purchased land at the current site in the early 2000s and she and her friend Janet Greenblatt worked to build a cohousing group that would plan the physical community. After years of starts and setbacks, Marion approached Loren Wood about building a cohousing neighborhood. Although Loren was initially unfamiliar with cohousing, he was inspired by Marion’s vision and plan. Loren Wood Builders took on the project, purchasing the land from Marion and beginning the initial phase of construction that you see today.


Sadly, Marion passed away unexpectedly in early 2019 and was not able to see her vision actualized. Yet Marion’s passion, drive, and commitment continue to inspire us as we embody her spirit and vision of community, shared support, and collective decision-making. We hope to continue her legacy as we create Bloomington Cohousing.

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